Insightly CRM


Join Sarah as she shows features including workflow automation, data importing, contact mapping, email integration/sending, page layout customizations, role-based permissions and dashboards/reporting.


Insightly Marketing


Learn all about how Insightly Marketing helps you build pipeline with emails, journeys, lead capture forms and landing pages.


Insightly Service


Take a look inside Insightly Service and see how customer success and support teams use this ticketing tool to solve customer issues and elevate the customer experience


Insightly AppConnect


See how easy it is to integrate your tech stack with your CRM in this walk through of Insightly AppConnect. Build a drag-and-drop integration and see it in action.

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What’s in the Insightly recorded demos?

Welcome to the Insightly recorded demo. This page is provided to you so that you can watch and learn about Insightly at your convenience, at your own pace, and at any time of the day.

The recorded demo provides a visual walkthrough of all of the Insightly applications in action. Better than screenshots or simple descriptions, you can see how data actually flows through the apps.

While Insightly is fairly simple and intuitive, you may want to review certain features or functionalities a few times over. These recordings are a great way to do that.

What’s covered in each demo video?

Insightly CRM (12:53)
CRM, or customer relationship management, is the single source of truth for your business and allows your business to sell faster and smarter. It is the flagship application in the Insightly software suite and is a powerful, flexible, and affordable software solution for businesses of all sizes. In this demo, Insightly team member Sarah Gradolf takes you through automations, pipeline and lead management, dashboards and reporting, many-to-many relationship linking structures, native email integrations available with both Gmail and Outlook, and post-sale project management. She also explores how to import data to the system, how you can create different page layouts per role, and create role-based permissions for added convenience and security.

Insightly Marketing (6:44)
Insightly Marketing is a robust marketing automation platform designed to drive more leads, convert leads into sales, and optimize your spend. Marketing automation is just that – it automates tasks traditionally done manually by marketers, freeing up your staff to be more strategic. Marketing automation helps both B2B and B2C marketers. In this demo, Insightly team member Sarah Gradolf takes you through emails and email templates, customer journeys, landing pages, personalization via list segmentation, A/B and multivariate testing, and campaign measurement.

Insightly Service (6:40)
Insightly Service is a powerful customer service ticketing tool designed to help your team provide the best service to your customers, solve issues quickly, and create opportunities for expansion. Your team can analyze support tickets, prioritize urgent issues, schedule resources for response, and more. Setting and hitting SLAs for tickets is easy with a built-in SLA countdown clock. Plus, experience seamless integration with Insightly CRM and Marketing, so your whole team is aligned on how to best serve your customers.

Insightly AppConnect (5:49)
Your tech stack goes beyond your go-to-market teams throughout your whole company. Get and stay connected with AppConnect for your low to no-code integrations. In this video, Insightly team member Sarah Gradolf explores the plethora of pre-built connectors for your business, helps you learn how recipes are configured with a drag-and-drop automation builder, and looks through the dashboards and reports available in the application.

Enjoy these videos and check out the Insightly Help Center for details about any of the features covered. Reach out to the Insightly team if you’d like more information about any of the applications available from Insightly.