Product News
More Control for Your Notifications
It’s important to stay on top of changes to customer records, prospective deals, and ongoing projects you’re involved with. Managers also need to be up to date on the work their teams are doing. Insightly’s email notifications have always let you know when a task is assigned to you or when a record you’re following ... Read More
On the go and need to view a few links? Insightly’s app has you covered
When you need to view key info when you’re on the go, your CRM app should make it easy. With the latest version of the Insightly app (version 3.18), you can now add links to your text fields and open them within the app. So, you’ll never get sidetracked by opening another app when you’re ... Read More
Automated workflow webhooks improve your team’s productivity
Only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans, Insightly’s automated workflows, are like smart robot assistants that live in your account. You tell them what to do, when to do it, and they take action when you specify. For example, you can automatically send an email when a lead hasn’t been followed up with in ... Read More
Increase productivity and team communication with the Insightly Assistant for Slack
There’s a personal assistant for your phone, your home, your laptop and more. So, why wouldn’t you need an assistant for your CRM within your primary workplace chat application like Slack? The Insightly Assistant will help you find, create, and update Insightly records right from Slack, and with straightforward natural-language communication. It’s like chatting with a ... Read More
Find linked record details with the Linked Items Report
Have you ever wanted to know the email addresses of all contacts linked to all won opportunities? Or, have you ever wanted to know the industry of all organizations linked to projects in a particular stage? Well, now you can! Using the Linked Items Report, you can find out all of those email addresses and more. In ... Read More
Share Insightly love and get Insightly love – Give $10, Get $25
As any growing business owner or manager knows, your customers’ glowing endorsement is your best source of new customers. We here at Insightly are no strangers to this either. So, we’re launching our first ever Refer-a-Friend Program to encourage and reward you for recommending Insightly to your friends and colleagues. So, when you refer a ... Read More
Easily answer questions about your business using charts in Insightly’s custom reports
Does it take ages to answer regular simple questions about your business performance because you’re wading through data? Are canned reports too inflexible to provide the answers you need? Are specialized business intelligence tools too complicated to use and integrate? Now, with Insightly’s custom reports, you can use charts and graphs to easily answer questions ... Read More