Product News
Supertool for Outlook — The New Insightly Sidebar
Email + CRM. Two indispensable tools for great customer relationships. Make the two work together, and you’ve got a relationship supertool on your hands. We’ve been hard at work on this ground-up redesign of the Insightly Add-In since the beginning of 2017. It does everything the old one did — but better. It adds a ton ... Read More
Import Contacts and Optimize Your Schedule With Ease In Latest Version Of Insightly Mobile App
Today’s business landscape calls for you to be connected at all times and have instant access to vital information, even when you’re away from the office. We remain committed to providing our users with an excellent mobile experience. With the latest version of the Insightly mobile app (3.20), you can now import contacts directly from ... Read More
Email Templates to Boost Your Workflow Automation
Gears of Email
Email is a fast, efficient, and affordable way of reaching many customers and prospects. Insightly’s email templates save you time by having standardized messages ready to go with a few clicks. Combine them with workflow automation, and you’ve got a hands-off process for personalized emails and—with our recent update—custom email updates for your team members. ... Read More
Insightly Search — Better, Stronger, Faster
We’re excited to see so many Insightly customers growing their businesses. We see more customers adding more records to manage their work every day. To better help you sort through your data and find what you need, when you need it, we’re introducing an upgrade to Insightly’s global search. We’re rolling it out to all ... Read More
More Control for Your Notifications
It’s important to stay on top of changes to customer records, prospective deals, and ongoing projects you’re involved with. Managers also need to be up to date on the work their teams are doing. Insightly’s email notifications have always let you know when a task is assigned to you or when a record you’re following ... Read More
On the go and need to view a few links? Insightly’s app has you covered
When you need to view key info when you’re on the go, your CRM app should make it easy. With the latest version of the Insightly app (version 3.18), you can now add links to your text fields and open them within the app. So, you’ll never get sidetracked by opening another app when you’re ... Read More
Automated workflow webhooks improve your team’s productivity
Only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans, Insightly’s automated workflows, are like smart robot assistants that live in your account. You tell them what to do, when to do it, and they take action when you specify. For example, you can automatically send an email when a lead hasn’t been followed up with in ... Read More
Increase productivity and team communication with the Insightly Assistant for Slack
There’s a personal assistant for your phone, your home, your laptop and more. So, why wouldn’t you need an assistant for your CRM within your primary workplace chat application like Slack? The Insightly Assistant will help you find, create, and update Insightly records right from Slack, and with straightforward natural-language communication. It’s like chatting with a ... Read More
Find linked record details with the Linked Items Report
Have you ever wanted to know the email addresses of all contacts linked to all won opportunities? Or, have you ever wanted to know the industry of all organizations linked to projects in a particular stage? Well, now you can! Using the Linked Items Report, you can find out all of those email addresses and more. In ... Read More
Share Insightly love and get Insightly love – Give $10, Get $25
As any growing business owner or manager knows, your customers’ glowing endorsement is your best source of new customers. We here at Insightly are no strangers to this either. So, we’re launching our first ever Refer-a-Friend Program to encourage and reward you for recommending Insightly to your friends and colleagues. So, when you refer a ... Read More
Easily answer questions about your business using charts in Insightly’s custom reports
Does it take ages to answer regular simple questions about your business performance because you’re wading through data? Are canned reports too inflexible to provide the answers you need? Are specialized business intelligence tools too complicated to use and integrate? Now, with Insightly’s custom reports, you can use charts and graphs to easily answer questions ... Read More
Easily find your key CRM info using filtering on Insightly’s mobile app when you’re on the go
When you’re on the go, preparing for meetings and taking calls, you need to find those critical pieces of information like an opportunity’s details, the status of a task and more. Now with Insightly’s app, you can easily do just that with its improved filtering. With filtering, you can find records that are assigned to ... Read More
Automatically Update Win Probability By Opportunity Stage
Do you use the same probability of winning for every stage of every opportunity? Are you tired of manually updating the “Probability of Winning” field on your opportunities when the opportunity reaches those stages? Well, with our new “Opportunity Stage Probability” improvement, you can do exactly that. All you have to do is define the ... Read More
Automate your workflows and focus your time saved on growing your business
Is your team spending more time updating your CRM than on efforts that actually grow your business? Is your team missing follow ups and opportunities because your CRM isn’t properly updated? With Insightly’s Workflow Automation, you’ll spend less time updating your CRM and more time growing your business. Insightly’s automated workflows are like smart robot ... Read More
Merge those pesky duplicate leads and contacts with Insightly’s SmartMerge!
We’ve all been there. We add leads, contacts and organizations to Insightly through manual imports, web forms and the API. The result is that multiple records are created for the same contact or lead. And, not only do duplicates render reports inaccurate, but they also drive up your record count and use up more storage ... Read More
Update your records in bulk using Insightly’s improved Import Wizard
By popular request, I’m happy to announce Insightly’s improved Import Wizard. With it, you can now update your Insightly records in bulk. So, you’ll never have to manually update numerous records again. For example, if you just exhibited at a trade show, received a list of booth visitors and want to mark them as such ... Read More
Easily find key info on the Insightly app when you’re on the go
When you need to find key info when you’re on the go, your CRM app should make it easy. For example, if you need to find the contract needed to close the deal on which you just received a verbal commitment, you should be able to find it on your CRM app just by typing ... Read More
Remain productive on the go using the Insightly App
When you’re on the go and need to remain productive, you want your CRM app to help you focus on moving business forward. For example, you’ll want to create recurring tasks, follow key opportunities, be notified of important tasks and know the last time a contact had an activity before or after key interactions. For ... Read More
View any file added to any record from the Insightly app wherever it’s stored
When you’re on the go and need to see important files related to specific opportunities, projects or contacts Insightly’s mobile app has you covered. Now, with the Insightly app, you can easily view and access files associated with any record so you can remain productive when you’re on the go. For example, when you close ... Read More
View and search your mobile CRM info even when you don’t have internet access
When you’re in a location with spotty internet access, it’s important that you can view and search all of your account info so you can be prepared for your next meeting. For those of you keeping score, this isn’t a new capability, but we’d like to point out that you can easily search and view ... Read More
Ensure your opportunities represent reality with the “Opportunity History Report”
When your business is growing and opportunities abound, how can you make sure that your opportunities accurately represent reality or that your reps are managing opportunities correctly? With Insightly’s new Opportunity History Report, you can easily do so. Using the Opportunity History Report, you can quickly and easily view the changes made to any opportunity ... Read More
Secure your account by generating a new API key
API keys are long and difficult to remember so that hackers can’t easily access your data. But, we’re willing to bet that you’ve written all of your API keys on a post it and put it on your desk somewhere where everyone could view it because they’re so difficult to remember. We all know this ... Read More
Secure your company’s data with Insightly’s Advanced Permissions
Do your different teams get confused what records they should update? Is there a lot of employee turnover in your company which exposes your sensitive business data to security risk? Are records accidentally deleted permanently or accidentally edited rendering it useless? We understand this risk and have developed Advanced Permissions to help you manage this ... Read More
Additional Fields in Advanced Reporting
You requested it, so we considered it and added it! With this improvement, you can now use our standard advanced reports with a ton of new fields so you can better see how your business is performing. To use the new fields, simply navigate to the appropriate report and drag the field into the columns. ... Read More
Next & Last Activity Dates
We know that it’s important for you to know the last time you interacted with someone and the next time you’re planned to get in touch with them. So, we’ve added next and last activity dates to each lead, contact, organization, opportunity and project.
Restore Items from Insightly’s new Recycle Bin
Have you accidentally deleted an item or a bunch of records and want to recover them? We understand that everyone makes mistakes, so we’ve built more forgiveness into Insightly by giving you the ability to restore accidentally deleted data from your account using a recycle bin.