Share Insightly love and get Insightly love – Give $10, Get $25

As any growing business owner or manager knows, your customers’ glowing endorsement is your best source of new customers. We here at Insightly are no strangers to this either. So, we’re launching our first ever Refer-a-Friend Program to encourage and reward you for recommending Insightly to your friends and colleagues. So, when you refer a… Read More

Easily answer questions about your business using charts in Insightly’s custom reports

Does it take ages to answer regular simple questions about your business performance because you’re wading through data? Are canned reports too inflexible to provide the answers you need? Are specialized business intelligence tools too complicated to use and integrate? Now, with Insightly’s custom reports, you can use charts and graphs to easily answer questions… Read More

Easily find your key CRM info using filtering on Insightly’s mobile app when you’re on the go

When you’re on the go, preparing for meetings and taking calls, you need to find those critical pieces of information like an opportunity’s details, the status of a task and more. Now with Insightly’s app, you can easily do just that with its improved filtering. With filtering, you can find records that are assigned to… Read More

Automatically Update Win Probability By Opportunity Stage

Do you use the same probability of winning for every stage of every opportunity? Are you tired of manually updating the “Probability of Winning” field on your opportunities when the opportunity reaches those stages? Well, with our new “Opportunity Stage Probability” improvement, you can do exactly that. All you have to do is define the… Read More

Automate your workflows and focus your time saved on growing your business

Is your team spending more time updating your CRM than on efforts that actually grow your business? Is your team missing follow ups and opportunities because your CRM isn’t properly updated? With Insightly’s Workflow Automation, you’ll spend less time updating your CRM and more time growing your business. Insightly’s automated workflows are like smart robot… Read More

Merge those pesky duplicate leads and contacts with Insightly’s SmartMerge!

We’ve all been there. We add leads, contacts and organizations to Insightly through manual imports, web forms and the API. The result is that multiple records are created for the same contact or lead. And, not only do duplicates render reports inaccurate, but they also drive up your record count and use up more storage… Read More

Update your records in bulk using Insightly’s improved Import Wizard

By popular request, I’m happy to announce Insightly’s improved Import Wizard. With it, you can now update your Insightly records in bulk. So, you’ll never have to manually update numerous records again. For example, if you just exhibited at a trade show, received a list of booth visitors and want to mark them as such… Read More