Product News
Supertool for Outlook — The New Insightly Sidebar
Email + CRM. Two indispensable tools for great customer relationships. Make the two work together, and you’ve got a relationship supertool on your hands. We’ve been hard at work on this ground-up redesign of the Insightly Add-In since the beginning of 2017. It does everything the old one did — but better. It adds a ton ... Read More
Import Contacts and Optimize Your Schedule With Ease In Latest Version Of Insightly Mobile App
Today’s business landscape calls for you to be connected at all times and have instant access to vital information, even when you’re away from the office. We remain committed to providing our users with an excellent mobile experience. With the latest version of the Insightly mobile app (3.20), you can now import contacts directly from ... Read More
Email Templates to Boost Your Workflow Automation
Gears of Email
Email is a fast, efficient, and affordable way of reaching many customers and prospects. Insightly’s email templates save you time by having standardized messages ready to go with a few clicks. Combine them with workflow automation, and you’ve got a hands-off process for personalized emails and—with our recent update—custom email updates for your team members. ... Read More
Insightly Search — Better, Stronger, Faster
We’re excited to see so many Insightly customers growing their businesses. We see more customers adding more records to manage their work every day. To better help you sort through your data and find what you need, when you need it, we’re introducing an upgrade to Insightly’s global search. We’re rolling it out to all ... Read More
More Control for Your Notifications
It’s important to stay on top of changes to customer records, prospective deals, and ongoing projects you’re involved with. Managers also need to be up to date on the work their teams are doing. Insightly’s email notifications have always let you know when a task is assigned to you or when a record you’re following ... Read More
On the go and need to view a few links? Insightly’s app has you covered
When you need to view key info when you’re on the go, your CRM app should make it easy. With the latest version of the Insightly app (version 3.18), you can now add links to your text fields and open them within the app. So, you’ll never get sidetracked by opening another app when you’re ... Read More