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10 Creative Ways to Use Insightly CRM Voice Notes
Have you ever tried using the Insightly audio notes feature? If not, you’re definitely missing out. Insightly allows you to record up to 60 minutes of audio per file. Voice notes can be linked to contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, and projects. Best of all, free and paid users alike can access this feature. So, what ... Read More
6 Reasons to Stop Using Your Inbox as a To-Do List
Whether we’ll admit it or not, our inboxes can be addictive. After all, checking email is as easy as tapping an app or refreshing a web browser. Is there a new and exciting business opportunity waiting for you? Will your web developer finally send an update on the shopping cart project? Is your realtor ever ... Read More
Why Data Silos are Bad for Business
Growing up in rural Indiana, I’ve seen many silos in my lifetime. In case you’ve never been to the heartland, farmers typically use silos to store silage (feed for dairy cattle and other animals). Silos are often sealed airtight to control moisture levels and prevent pests. Where am I going with this discussion? How do ... Read More
6 Tips for Building a More Collaborative Virtual Team
Big businesses aren’t the only ones benefitting from virtual teams. Thanks in large part to freelance marketplaces, such as, traditional brick-and-mortars, mom and pops, and startups are now able to rapidly staff up with team members from across the globe. Although virtual teams offer a number of tangible benefits to your business, they do ... Read More
Bedrock Data Announces Sales and Marketing Automation System Integration with Insightly
On the heels of Insightly’s announcement of a major release of its CRM featuring a redesigned technical architecture and user interface that helps sales team improve productivity, Bedrock Data is now featured as an Insightly integration service. They offer successful marketing automation system integration of Insightly with some of the top software used by companies ... Read More
How to Measure Customer Relationships with a CRM
You know your business needs to build long-term customer relationships to succeed. So, you implement a CRM to help manage the process company-wide, watch the data start flowing in, and wait. And wait. And wait. Unless you’re paying attention to the right metrics, you may never figure out whether your customer relationships are growing the ... Read More
How to Scale Your Content Engine with Insightly
Managing content isn’t easy, especially when you have plans to scale your operation. Without a rock-solid process, the addition of new topics and writers will only compound the issue. Before you can expand, you need to invest in the process itself. In this post, I’ll show how it’s possible to optimize your content workflow by ... Read More
Delivery: The Culmination of Your Sales Cycle
“We deliver on our promises.” You’ve probably heard companies that tout similar mottos. On the surface, this type of tagline can almost seem clichéd. Clichés aside, delivering on promises is a fundamental part of being in (and staying in) business. Unfortunately, some companies mistakenly focus too much effort on their sales pipelines at the expense ... Read More
Time Management Secrets for Marketing Consultants
time management for consultants
Time management secrets are essential for marketing consulting success. Right-brained or left-brained? Creative or analytical? Strategic or tactical? Marketing consultants have a fine line to walk between ideation and execution. On one hand, we must continuously develop innovative ideas that keep clients ahead of competitors. On the other hand, we also must be highly efficient in the ... Read More
5 Smart CRM Shortcuts to Impress Your Clients
Consultants are in the business of looking smart in the eyes of our customers. (Whether we are actually smart might be somewhat debatable!) With client priorities dictating every waking moment, consultants can sometimes fall into the trap of overlooking their own business workflows. Although it’s important to keep your customers top of mind, it’s also wise ... Read More